Asili Purity. Asali Goodness.

We ensure the honey you get is as pure as nature meant it to be and inimitably delicious.

Our certified honey captures the quality of beehives from the best-picked lands. From perfected practices of beekeeping to processing honey in the purest state using just solar energy to preserve all the nutritional benefits.

Asili Asali honey is tested using the most advanced NMR test in one of the best-in-class German laboratories to ensure that it is 100% Pure.

Our Honey

We believe harvest only tastes as good as its produce.
The more care and support we put into the harvest - the purer it is.

We give the utmost importance to ensuring we deliver the highest quality standards in everything we do. From what we offer the people, to the support we give our planet & local farmers, you can expect the best from petals to our jar.

Our Process

Honey is harvested according to the flora it is made from and our harvesting is conducted using the appropriate techniques and safety equipment to protect the workers and, most importantly, the bees.





Your Honey Artistry

With quality comes great taste.

Looking for some inspiration for some new meals? 

Asili Asali has some fresh, flavorful, and mostly healthy recipes made for everyday life. Helping you celebrate the joy of food, to be able to live a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

With our variety comes a dish for every occasion.

Your Health & Wellness

Good inside out.

Asili Asali honey is not only great to go with your foods and beverages, it’s a great thing for your body too. It’s highly beneficial to digestive health, skincare, and treating colds and sore throat.

A Gift Worth Giving

Give the gift of a taste for every occasion with the Asili Asali
artisan honey selection gift box.

With our award-winning honey, it’s the perfect size to add to that platter with cheese, bread, fruits, or meats.

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