Our honey is 100% Pure.

Just as nature intended it to be.


To be global leaders in providing quality products.

Our Values


We provide high quality to fully achieve business results. We do business in an ethical and socially responsible way

Passionate & Caring

We are committed to doing the best our best. We respect and focus on team members, customers, environment and communities.


With continuous innovation, we strive to improve everything we do.


Promoting healthier lifestyles through sustaining products.

The Scenery Scenario

We go to great lengths to find the best source for our honey. We look for places where nature is unspoiled under great blue skies.
We do this to ensure the honey you get is as pure as nature meant it to be and of course, inimitably delicious.

from petal to jar

Honey is harvested according to the flora it is made from and the rainy season. Acacia flower honey, for example, is harvested before the rainy season while the other types of honey are harvested after the rains. Our harvesting is conducted using the appropriate techniques and safety equipment to protect the workers and, most importantly, the bees.

Getting the essence

Our honey is natural. This means we do not process it in any way. All we do is filter out the solid particles from the honeycombs and then pack them. We do not pasteurize it which is what makes AsiliAsali different. You get the real taste, texture and health benefits of honey. When you buy Asili Asali, you’re getting the real deal.

Pure in Every Drop

We give the utmost importance to ensuring we deliver the highest quality standards in everything we do. From what we offer the people, to the support we give our planet and local farmers mean you can expect the best from our petals to our jar.

Asili Asali is available to all looking for honey that is responsibly grown and kept for a healthier tomorrow.

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