Sustainable Beekeeping

As an ethical and sustainable honey brand, we have a moral obligation to do our bit to face future generations with integrity and to give customers A CHOICE. To that end, we have made every jar of our Asili Asali honey 100% Pure.

Our Beekeepers

At Asili Asali we train our bee farmers on sustainable apiculture practices that keep the bees safe and conserve our natural lands.

From petal to the jar, we are always looking for better ways to deliver the purest honey, with consistent quality and support to all local communities.

Our Farm

Our Asili Asali bees contribute to biodiversity by pollinating the surrounding flowering acacia trees and plants to produce Asili Asali.

We avoid using pesticides at all costs to ensure bees' natural behavior is untouched and the colony is not affected by this.

We also use wooden hives which reduce the strain on bees to keep the hive at constant temperatures and allow them to thrive.

Sustainable Harvesting

Our harvesters follow strict eco-friendly harvesting practices and are constantly working towards a more sustainable and non-intrusive way of harvesting honey.

With plenty of flowering around the farm, bees have a constant supply of food. This encourages colonies to be formed and therefore we get more plantations around the area and fruits.

With pollination by bees, crops are expected to produce higher yields and better quality giving the farms better plant productivity at no extra cost.

Your Tabletop

We believe in leaving a legacy, not carbon footprints:

Planning deliveries ahead of time and scheduling groups of our honey reduces the need for more trips from farm to shop!

Our commitment to being sustainable ensures that each honey jar that reaches your tabletop is pure and of the best quality!

Get in Touch with Us

Don’t hesitate to contact us and feel free to talk to us incase of any questions or clarifications.


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